How To Register For The TOEFL iBT® Online

Now that you have your heart set on your dream college or university, it’s time to make that dream come true with the TOEFL iBT®! As the most widely recognised and accepted English proficiency exam, you’re sure to make it with the TOEFL iBT®. But wait! Before you batten down the hatches to study as

TOEFL or IELTS? Which is the easier test to take?

The most common English language proficiency tests are the TOEFL iBT ® Test and IELTS, which are used in different parts of the world. Both of these are, if you are not a native English speaker, powerful certifications that will help you gain entrance to some of the most prestigious universities in the world and

5 Reasons Why The TOEFL Is The Most Convenient And Accessible Exam

You’re studying hard and preparing as best as you can for a test that isn’t even in your first language. That’s already very difficult! Don’t make it harder for yourself by taking a test in a location that’s very far from you or with a schedule that is very inconvenient for you. Make the best

6 cities you can take the TOEFL iBT® test in Australia

Studying for any test can already be stressful. This is especially true for a proficiency exam in a language that’s not your own. You’re already doing your best to prepare and practice, which is taxing enough as it is. Don’t add any more unnecessary distress on your part by taking an exam at an impractical

5 Common Mistakes TOEFL® Test Takers Make and How to Avoid Them

Are you planning to take the TOEFL iBT® anytime soon? If you are, you’ve probably already read about all the tips and tricks about studying for and acing the exam. But have you ever considered some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to the TOEFL iBT®? Here are five of these

6 Tips To Stay Focused On Test Day

Taking any kind of test can be stressful, but so much more so if you’re about to take an exam that’s not in your native language! Most major milestones, such as applying for college, graduate school, or work abroad, require certain tests as part of the application process. These tests can be long and difficult,

What to do (and NOT to do) to prepare for the TOEFL iBT® test

The TOEFL iBT ® test – or any test, really – can be quite nerve-wracking. Still, when it comes to preparation, every little bit helps. In preparing for the TOEFL iBT® test, where the coverage is as wide as the Pacific and test contents are unpredictable, making sure that you are properly prepared is the

How Good English Helps International Students

There are many benefits from knowing English – especially as an international student. Chances are, you are going to have to rely on the language as the medium to communicate with classmates. Like you, they’re likely from various countries and cultures. Because it becomes the common language between all the people you’ll meet in Australia,

Gear Up For a Better TOEFL® Experience

Gear up for a better TOEFL® Experience It is good news for all takers of TOEFL®! There are some positive changes in the offering which will make the TOEFL test all the more worthwhile. August will see new changes in the TOEFL® test pattern. TOEFL iBT® test takers will profit from improvements to the test

Comparing TOEFL iBT® scores with other English Proficiency Tests

Like other English Proficiency tests, the TOEFL iBT® makes use of a different grading scale when it comes to scoring. Unlike the IELTS and the PTE tests, who’s scores for each test are averaged out to get your over-all score, the TOEFL iBT® uses cumulative scores. Instead of getting the average of all 4 components,

TOEFL iBT®: How does it compare to other popular English Proficiency Tests?

As the most popular English Proficiency test in the world, the TOEFL® test often gets compared to other English Proficiency tests. Here in Australia, most international students would most likely be more familiar with the IELTS test, or the PTE test. So we’ve decided to put together a handy little chart to help you easily

What is the minimum TOEFL score?

There are two facets to this. It would depend on whether you are looking to get admission in an Australian University or are you looking at a PR. We are going to discuss these two separately: For admission into Australian universities If you would aspire to get a degree from Australia, you must meet the

Is it possible to get a perfect TOEFL score?

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the universally accepted test across the globe. It is undoubtedly the one recognized worldwide. Its ubiquitous nature makes it popular. It is always in demand, and its acceptability has only increased with time. There is however nothing like a perfect score. A total TOEFL score can go

How to get a TOEFL voucher in Australia

TOEFL iBT test is a widely accepted, world-renowned computer-based English proficiency test. It is for those looking out for academic, professional and immigration opportunities. It is accepted around the world with Australia being no exception. It is accepted. The Australian government approves this test. It is required for visa applications and study abroad prospects in

How to pass the TOEFL exam with a high grade?

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the universally accepted test across the globe. It is undoubtedly the one test recognized worldwide. Its ubiquitous nature makes it popular. It is always in demand and its acceptability has only increased with time. There are ways to leverage it to attain your goals. Here are some

Which is easy PTE or TOEFL in Australia?

It is almost with certainty you can say that TOEFL or PTE is one the exams that non-native English speakers must take to either apply for higher studies, for immigration or even employment in the native English speaking countries.


For all those who intend to find work, aspire to stay or pursue a degree in a foreign land especially an English speaking one, it is absolutely essential to demonstrate your English language skills as a non-native English speaker.

Is the TOEFL iBT® test tough?

This is really a relative question but the general consensus says while TOEFL may be a long drawn test which may be tricky as it tests you on specific things, it is really not as much a challenge for those who are exposed to English on a

Everything you need to know about the TOEFL iBT® test

TOEFL or Test of English as Foreign Language is the English language test recognized across the globe. In order to max this test, you would need ample preparation time. Whether it is studying in a foreign country or looking out for

Why Buy a TOEFL iBT® voucher from Ace Test Hub?

TOEFL test is the widely accepted, world-renowned computer-based English proficiency test for all those looking out for academic, professional and immigration opportunities around the world with Australia being no exception. It is

Are you TOEFL® ready?

Whether you are enrolling into university in Australia or looking at alternative visas or if you have PR on your mind, TOEFL is one of the decisive steps you have to take towards your bigger goal. It is imperative to know how this test


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