February 21, 2019

Are you TOEFL® ready?

Whether you are enrolling into university in Australia or looking at alternative visas or if you have PR on your mind, TOEFL is one of the decisive steps you have to take towards your bigger goal. It is imperative to know how this test works and if you are ready to take it on your scheduled test day. There are a wide variety of things you need to keep in mind before you take the test.

We list out some key essential tips to make you TOEFL ready and making you resolute to succeed on your defining test day. First off these are the things you need to know:-

It is absolutely necessary to have a good knowledge of English and skills associated with it. A score of 20 in each section of TOEFL is a must to get an edge in your assessment.

Start reading and listening to English news

While one does not realize but the best way to perk up your English reading and listening is to start chasing English news. It improves your vocabulary, polishes the grammar, conversational and spoken skills are developed in the process. To hone your skills in English there are many news websites with videos and images to keep the content interesting.

Chat with Native English speakers

Since speaking is a pertinent part of the TOEFL test, you must be on par with the requirement. Native English speakers whose first language is English are the best to practice the language with. In case of shortage of these speakers, you can join English speaking groups or classes giving a similar exposure. Another option could be that you could avail video chat language sessions with qualified English speaking mentors and tutors.

Enhance your vocabulary

A large part of performing well in TOEFL is to upgrade your vocabulary, especially the academic version of TOEFL. Flash and digital flashcards with relevant words to improve your vocabulary are a good way to start off.

Website or App to learn the language

Language learning websites and apps are a great way to improve your language. These are downloadable on your smartphones as well. These apps can help in assessing grammar, vocabulary words at beginner, intermediate and professional levels.

Understanding the TOEFL Test format

The format and structure of TOEFL are important to comprehend as it is not just a regular English test. Going through the format prepares you for the real test day, with the kinds of the section to the types and number of questions you would need to answer within the stipulated amount of time.

Section Order on Test Time # of Questions Score Range
Reading 1 60-80 mins 36-56 questions 0-30
Listening 2 60-90 mins 34-51 questions 0-30
Break 3 10 mins
Speaking 4 20 mins 6 tasks 0-30
Writing 5 50 mins 2 tasks 0-30
TOTAL Approx. 4 hrs 0-120

Practice questions and mock papers

This is a great way to re-create your test day scenario. Practice questions and mock tests are just the right way to prepare you for the test. Also, many times these mock test and practice questions have been administered in the past.

Evaluate your mistake

Once the tests are taken the next step is to examine your mistakes. To identify where you made errors can help you in the actual tests. If you have made a mistake in the question go over the answer which can also guide your future thinking and how to approach subsequent questions. Repeat this method for all the questions you answer incorrectly during your TOEFL preparation. With time you should begin to be able to identify patterns

Work on your weakness

Target your weak points and it should not take over the better of you on your test day. From the word go, if you do that then it will help you get a better TOEFL score on the actual day of your test. To determine this you need to know which areas you need to focus more on and the ones which are difficult for you. Dedicate more study time on improving areas which are weak and eventually improve your skills.

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