Writing section

The last section of TOEFL iBT® is the writing section or the TOEFL® Writing format has two essays that need to be written. This again is the integrated and independent essays. The task has to completed in 50 minutes. The first essay has to be completed in 20 minutes and for the second one you have 30 minutes. Anything above 22 is considered a good score subject to where you are applying.

Integrated Writing

Three minutes to read the passage of 300 words is ideal. Post this you will hear an audio piece of a lecture after which you would need to write an essay which tries to show the connect or disconnect between the passage and the lecture. The passage will be in front of you for the entire time, The length of the essay should be about 150-220 words.

TOEFL iBT® integrated writing essays has both reading passages and listening extracts. Test takers begin by reading the short passage on ay give topic, mostly general or academic and then in continuation listen to part of a lecture on the same topic. Soon after that there is a cue which tells the candidate to sum up that was discussed in the lecture and in what way backs up or contradicts the content of the passage. This exercise is referred to as "Writing Based on Reading and Listening."

Independent Writing

As the name suggests the independent task involves your opinion and thought. There will be no passage or audio piece. A prompt will suggest you the topic and you will have to write 300 words in 30 minutes.

TOEFL iBT® independent writing task is an half an hour assigned exercise wherein test takers have to write an essay as a reaction to the prompt which gives them a topic. The topic can be from a range of subjects. This is only based on a cue and does not involve any reading passage or lecture extracts. These essay indicator or prompts if the candidates agrees to a given statement or disagrees with it, their opinions, or their reaction to a given situation. As mentioned above an efficient piece of writing which encapsulates everything should be around 300 words.

TOEFL iBT® writing skills

Test takers who want to perform well in the writing section must focus on the topic, think over it and write a pertinent piece keeping in mind the word count. Special attention must be given to replying to the exercises in a succinct manner. Also the word count is of great relevance. Candidates writing long essays going beyond the word count will not be attain good score and in fact it would actually end up countering your attempt.

Test takers must practice ample essay writing within the iBT writing section's time constraints. An outstanding essay would be rationally thought out, articulately planned and grammatically correct in terms of English writing. The raters of TOEFL iBT® are looking at the content of the test taker and how accurately and articulately the points are written in context to the essay. Taking notes and making outlines before actually writing an essay is highly recommended.

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