Speaking Section

TOEFL® Speaking format has been divided in two main categories- Independent and Integrated.

For the independent tasks you will have to complete two exercise and would need to speak for 45 seconds on familiar topics. Then the next four exercise which comes under the integrated task you would need to speak for 60 seconds about the passage and the audio pieces. A typically good speaking score is anything above 22. This is marked on the scale of 0-30

Independent Speaking task

There are 2 tasks. Task 1 you would need to select one of the many options and task 2 you need to select one of the two options. There will be a prompt that you will get for both these tasks. You will get 15 seconds to prepare for your response and then followed by 45 seconds to speak. If you support your opinions with examples you will get a better score.

The exercises in here requires the candidate to be articulate in English in both general and academic topics. For the two tasks in this section, students hear out a lecture or a conversation. In the first question the candidate talks about something generic be it hobby, a place they went on vacation or some life time experience. In the second task the test taker gives his or her opinion. The question will find yourself in making a choice between two courses of action or the candidate's stance on a certain issue. It doesn't matter what opinion you have as long as you express it fluently.

Integrated Speaking Tasks

Task 3-6 is where you would integrate your reading, listening and speaking skills. Generally tasks 3 and 5 look at campus perspective while 4 and 6 on academic matter. For task 3 and 4 you will have 45 seconds to read the passage, one minute to listen to a clip and 30 seconds to get ready with your response and 1 minute to finally speak. For tasks 5 and 6 you will listen to an audio clip which is around 2minutes long and 20 seconds to prepare and then finally again 1 minute to speak.

The four questions on iBT in the speaking section is called 'integrated' as they combine the above skills. There are two exercises in each category. On the first one which is an integration of reading, listening, speaking questions, test takers go over a short exercise on a general topic and also a conversational audio piece. In the second one which is an integration of reading, listening, speaking exercise is a reading passage and spoken lecture citation on an academic topic. For both of these questions, preparation time is 30 seconds and response time is 60 seconds. The second lot is a combination of listening/speaking questions which follow a comparable pattern in terms of subject matter. The first could be on general campus topic and the second one is on the actual course carried out in a college. Listening, speaking questions can be in the form of lectures, conversations, extracts and so on. The preparation time is reduced to 20 seconds and response time is 60 seconds

TOEFL iBT® speaking section skills

Test takers have to take care of their diction, intonation, word formation, clarity and delivery of speech. The good way to get practice is by speaking along TV shows, radio broadcasts, or any other sources of spoken content. A well versed conversation can be used as a prototype and practiced by imitating the various aspects of the speech. Test takers can also hone their skills by having conversations in English with native speakers.

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