Is TOEFL a tough test May 9, 2019

Is it possible to get a perfect TOEFL score?

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the universally accepted test across the globe. It is undoubtedly the one recognized worldwide. Its ubiquitous nature makes it popular. It is always in demand, and its acceptability has only increased with time.

There is however nothing like a perfect score. A total TOEFL score can go as high as 120. This is the maximum it can get. While one can achieve this score, but it is very rare. To score 120, it would be essential to score as much as 30 in each section. The four sections are-Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. This is not exactly an easy task.

A so-called ‘perfect’ score really depends on the context. Every university has different benchmarks for TOEFL scores. For migration again there are different standards. So it is variable and depends where it is meant to be used. The average TOEFL score is about 82 which is 38 points below the maximum TOEFL score.

There is no reason to target a perfect TOEFL score as no one really gets that. Universities and colleges do not expect perfect TOEFL scores

Apart from the comprehensive score, universities also may need a certain score for each band or section. So while the total score is important, a minimum score for each band is equally relevant.

TOEFL requirements vary depending on the university or college. International students who apply to the more competitive universities require higher TOEFL scores whereas there are universities that are less competitive in nature. They require lower scores.

Students applying to universities and colleges in Australia need a basic TOEFL iBT score. As discussed the requirement may vary from one institution to another. The competitive universities would often require 100 or higher score in the test. Several other universities and colleges require scores in the range of 60. This can go right up to 80-90

A 100 or over the score in TOEFL iBT is a competitive score. It also shows that you are quite proficient but not perfect at English. As per ETS scoring 25 in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking categorizes you as ‘high’ or ‘good’. Many good universities and colleges in Australia accept slightly below this score as well. This is within the range of 70-90. Hence there is no thumb rule to this test in terms of the score it may vary from one university to another. However, the universality of TOEFL iBT cannot be underestimated. It is your English language passport for entry into any Australian university.

Here is what it means

Universities and colleges in Australia require TOEFL scores only want to see that you can meet their score requirements. As long as you can accomplish your university’s minimum required TOEFL score, your score should be good enough for admission. The same goes for the TOEFL requirement for migration purposes. If you fulfill the minimum English language criteria laid down by DIBP that should is good enough. This, in other words, can be deemed as a perfect score.

For PR, Australia follows the point-based immigration system. This is an essential feature to migrate to Australia. All potential candidates have to fall under the skilled migration category. The other key factor is that they would also need the English language proficiency test to apply for PR.

The language requirement is an essential prerequisite. DIBP needs it for all those interested in migrating to their country. Basic language ability is a must to keep them going in the country.

The minimum point’s requirement of TOEFL looks somewhat like this:-

Reading-13, Listening-12, Writing-21, and Speaking-21.

These points are the bare minimum. These can be stumbling blocks towards receiving additional points. This can affect the total immigration point score. To gain further points, you are required to score what is known as the ‘proficient language score’. You can achieve this by scoring the following TOEFL points:- Reading-24, Writing-27, Listening-24, and Speaking- 23

So we can see that there is nothing like a universal perfect score. There is a maximum score of 120. This is not easy to achieve. A perfect score depends on the context and is required based.

TOEFL iBT test is a widely accepted, world-renowned computer-based English proficiency test. It is one of the most cost-effective English Proficiency Test. It is accepted far and wide by all Australian universities and visas. It is a completely fair and impartial scoring system. It is accepted and approved by the Australian government for visa applications.  It is also approved for study abroad prospects in Australia and worldwide.

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