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There is none other better, or universally accepted English test than Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL®). All Australian universities accept it as well as it is a requirement for all other Australian visas and is also deemed 100 percent fair and unbiased.

TOEFL iBT® is the best test to take due to its holistic and universal nature and is acceptable by universities across the globe, Australia being no exception. Here are five reasons to take the TOEFL iBT®

We list out some ways for preparation of TOEFL iBT® and make you completely ready to succeed on your defining test day. It is absolutely necessary to have a good knowledge of English and skills associated with it.

Start reading and listening to English news: While one does not realize but the best way to perk up your English reading and listening is to start chasing English news. It improves your vocabulary, polishes the grammar, conversational and spoken skills are developed in the process. To hone your skills in English there are many news websites with videos and images to keep the content interesting.

Practice away: Take as many practice tests as possible and extensively go through study resources and materials. Try to take one test every week or at least once in two weeks. Wherever you go wrong focus on those areas of English as you may need more practice in those areas. Take a full test without any break just like you would on an exam day, this would help you re-create the exam environment. Time yourself and stop when the time is over.

Chat with Native English speakers: Since speaking is a pertinent part of the TOEFL iBT® test, you must be at par with the requirement. Native English speakers whose first language is English are the best to practice the language with. In case of shortage of these speakers you can join English speaking groups or classes giving a similar exposure. Another option could be that you could avail a video chat language sessions with qualified English speaking mentors and tutors.

Instructions should be on your finger tips: The more tests you take the more and more comfortable you would be become. Apart from that the other advantage is that you would also know all the instructions too well before any TOEFL iBT® test. The same instructions or directions apply to all TOEFL iBT® tests. After some point you may not need to waste time reading the directions before the start of the test as you would know them very well. This can give you extra time which you can actually use up on your questions.

Understanding the TOEFL iBT® test format: The format and structure of TOEFL iBT® is important to comprehend as it is not just a regular English test. Going through the format prepares you for the real test day, with the kinds of section to the types and number of questions you would need to answer within the stipulated amount of time.

Section Order on Test Time # of Questions Score Range
Reading 1 60-80 mins 36-56 questions 0-30
Listening 2 60-90 mins 34-51 questions 0-30
Break 3 10 mins - -
Speaking 4 20 mins 6 tasks 0-30
Writing 5 50 mins 2 tasks 0-30
TOTAL - Approx. 4 hrs - 0-120

Enhance your vocabulary: A large part of performing well in TOEFL iBT® is to upgrade your vocabulary, especially the academic version of TOEFL iBT®. Flash and digital flash cards with relevant words to improve your vocabulary are a good way to start off.

Grammar and vocabulary is pertinent: Since it is a test that judges your grammar and vocabulary you need to prove your knowledge of English is at the right level for you to pass the test. This can be done by learning a few new words everyday and expressions. Try speaking to native English speakers and ask them to correct you when and where you go wrong. You have to practice new words so they become a part of your active vocabulary. Your active vocabulary are all the words you can remember and use easily. For the test try to use from the vocabulary you build up and avoid using new words or expressions you are not sure of.

Website or App to learn the language: Language learning websites and apps are a great way to improve your language. These are downloadable on your smartphones as well. These apps can help in assessing grammar, vocabulary words at beginner, intermediate and professional levels.

Take notes: Practice note-taking when reading and listening in your free time. This can be done on test related or unrelated material. Write down information using key words (the most important words) and symbols to save time. Don’t try to write word to word as this would lead to wastage of time.

Evaluate your mistake: Once the tests are taken the next step is to examine your mistakes. To identify where you made errors can help you in the actual tests. If you have made a mistake in the question go over the answer which can also guide your future thinking and how to approach subsequent questions. Repeat this method for all questions you answer incorrectly during your TOEFL iBT® preparation. With time you should begin to be able to identify patterns

Work on your weakness: Target your weak points and it should not take over the better of you on your test day. From the word go, if you do that then it will help you get a better TOEFL iBT® score on the actual day of your test. To determine this you need to know which areas you need to focus more on and the ones which are difficult for you. Dedicate more study time on improving areas which are weak and eventually improve your skills.

We discuss each section-Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing in fair detail in our sub pages for all test takers to get better and in dept clarity.

Take the TOEFL iBT® today!

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