Know more about TOEFL®



The TOEFL® test is an English Proficiency test used to measure the English language ability for non-native speakers wishing to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency.

The test is comprised of four different sections- reading, listening, speaking, and writing- and takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

The TOEFL® is the most widely accepted English test, recognised by more than 11,000 universities worldwide, and with more than 4,500 test centres.

All four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) are undertaken on a computer in a single session, whereas IELTS requires a separate speaking section (often on a different day) and a human interviewer.

TOEFL® scoring on a scale of 0-120 provides a more accurate measure of a test taker's ability.

TOEFL® is more accommodating of non-native English accents, unlike IELTS which is more sensitive to accents and dialects.

It is recommended to have adequate typing ability on the computer keyboard when answering questions during writing test.

Overall, the test is self-explanatory and doesn't require any more than a basic understanding of how to work a computer.

The cost of the test varies depending on location. In Australia, when you buy a TOEFL iBT® test voucher through ACE Testing hub, you can buy the voucher for just AU$298!

Yes, the test is administered in 1 day.

The test takes about 3 hours, but you should plan to be at the test centre for 4 hours to allow for check-in and a 10 min break after completion of the first two sections of the test.

Yes, you can. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test, but you cannot take it more than once in a 12-day period.

If you already have a test appointment, you cannot register for another test date that is within 12 days of your existing appointment.

The registration fee is paid each time you register for a test date.

You can find a list of testing locations and dates on the ETS website.

Yes, English!

To get a good score on the test, it is important to prepare and get a lot of practice before your test day. There are plenty of free resources online, including a TOEFL® practice exam that would let you get a feel of how the test will go.

Absolutely not!

TOEFL uses AI and human raters to score the test. Humans are naturally sensitive to accents and are better than computers at judging the quality of the response accurately and without bias.