June 5, 2019

How Good English Helps International Students

There are many benefits from knowing English – especially as an international student. Chances are, you are going to have to rely on the language as the medium to communicate with classmates. Like you, they’re likely from various countries and cultures.

Because it becomes the common language between all the people you’ll meet in Australia, English will help you in your daily life as a student, in your studies, and even after you graduate.

While You Study

Learning about other cultures.

As an international student, you are going to meet people from different nationalities. Even if you cannot speak their native tongue, chances are, English will be the medium. You get to learn about their culture and to share your own culture too!


Most textbooks and online journals are written in English.

It goes without saying that English is considered the “universal language” and because of that, textbooks and especially online journals that are indispensable to college students are written in English.

For those who are in the fields of science such as chemistry, medicine, biology, and the like, scientific names of chemicals and substances are different from your native language. It is necessary to know at least the English counterparts.


Class output will be in English.

All lectures, as well as class papers and other outputs will be in English. Being able to follow the lecture at least being able to follow the lecture, and taking down notes, will prove to be helpful.

Class presentations, term papers, and tests will be done in English as well. The last thing you want is to get bad grades just because your ideas were not articulated well.


After You Graduate

Expanding your network and career.

Getting to know a lot of people while you are a student, and maintaining contact with them even after you graduate is important. Sharing a common tongue with many of your other in

Let your world grow and broaden your horizons by breaking the first barrier – language!


Landing a job in a multinational company after you graduate.

Whether you plan to go back home or stay in Australia, if you are after the corporate path, you can maximise your international student experience by working for a multinational company. In such companies, the employees will most likely be from different countries, and the mode of communication is usually English.

Not only knowing English is preferred, but generally it is even mandatory prior to entering the company.  English also allows you to get ahead as your communication skills improve!


Becoming an educator yourself.

If you are interested in becoming a professor or educator in your field of expertise yourself, English will be a lot of help. You would have to write research papers, and provide lectures in English. Should you get to be invited to seminars and conferences, English will also prove necessary in terms of communicating with fellow researchers and educators.


Of course, one needs proof regarding English proficiency even before starting the international student life, and there are several English proficiency tests that companies accept such as the TOEFL iBT ® Test. Knowing your goals and the steps on how to get there is very important!


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