If you’re an international student in Australia, chances are you know you’ll need to provide proof of your English Proficiency at different stages of your journey. That’s why every student has gone through the process of taking a test like the IELTS to get these scores. You’ll need it to enrol in a course, you’ll need it when you try applying for visas, and you’ll need it if you want to get registered or accredited in your field.

You might have heard of the IELTS, one of the more popular English Proficiency tests. But did you know that the TOEFL iBT® outdoes the IELTS where it matters?

Here’s why you should take the TOEFL iBT® instead of the IELTS.


TOEFL iBT® is accepted for by ALL schools and universities, ALL immigration and visas, and most Skill Assesment Authorities.

The DIBP accepts TOEFL iBT® test scores for all visas. It’s also accepted by 100% of Australian universities for entry requirements and almost all Professional bodies for registration and certification.

The TOEFL® test is one of the most popular tests of English Proficiency globally, and has quickly been adopted by various organizations in Australia.

IELTS is accepted by the government, schools, and professional associations for registration & assessment.

IELTS is accepted by all schools for admission purposes and for all immigration requirements. IELTS scores are also accepted by various skill assessment authorities in helping determine if you meet the english requirements to get registered in your profession or pass an assessment.


The TOEFL iBT® test only costs $298.

ACE Testing Hub exclusively brings you the TOEFL iBT® test at the affordable price of only $298.

The PTE exam normally costs $340.

The usual cost of the exam comes up to $340 in total.

The Test

TOEFL iBT® has a centralized rating system that uses both computerized rating, as well as multiple human evaluators.

The TOEFL iBT® test is also answered on a computer . Your answers are either checked by algorithims- such as for the tests that have multiple choice answers and those that have definitive correct answers- or are evaluated by several different people- such as for the speaking test.

This is to prevent any instances of human error or bias when it comes to grading tests.

The IELTS is Paper-based, and is checked by human evaluators.

The IELTS exam is hand written, meaning that you have to make sure that your answers are legible and easily understood.

This can be a problem for students with very messy penmanship as their work might be misunderstood by the person rating it. The speaking test is also only rated by a s ingle person so it might be dependent on whether or not the person can fully understand your accent.


You can take the TOEFL iBT® test in 3 hours in only one session.

  • Reading (52-74 minutes)
  • Listening (41-57 minutes)
  • Speaking (17 minutes)
  • Writing (50 minutes)

You can take the IELTS in 2 hours & 45 minutes- but the Speaking test happens on a different day.

  • Writing (60 minutes)
  • Reading (60 minutes)
  • Listening (30 minutes)
  • Speaking (14 minutes)

Get the TOEFL iBT® advantage.

TOEFL® measures academic English skills the way they are actually used in the classroom.

The TOEFL iBT® test is better for the academic English demands of a university where students need to succeed. The test structure is aimed to test you on practical English you would be using in real life. The questions reflect relatable scenarios and help prepare students for what’s to come.

TOEFL® Test Takers experience better results.

Because of TOEFL®’s reputation and high standards, TOEFL iBT® scores help students stand out and make Universities take notice of them. 90% of TOEFL® test takers surveyed got into their 1st or 2nd choice university. Repeat test takers raise their score 6 points when they take it a second time and up to 10 points on their third attempt.

TOEFL® MyBest Scores make your results matter.

This feature will showcase the best score the test taker might have for each section. This will be taken from all official TOEFL iBT® scores from results from the previous two years. MyBest Scores allow test takers to present their overall test performance. The send their scores to colleges, universities or institutions.

So choose the better test. Buy your TOEFL iBT® voucher today!

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